"Melvin and his partner, Robert helped me in a very long lasting and serious and complicated case that many attorney's did not want to handle. Melvin and Robert went above and beyond their call of duty in the case and fought hard to get results. I am very grateful to these two attorneys and give my highest regards. Thank you Melvin and Robert, I am eternally grateful!"

"Robert and Melvin helped me in a very serious and stressful case. Robert took the case based more on integrity and doing what was right than any financial incentive. In the end I was able to get peace with a very unfortunate situation and gained a new trust and faith in the legal system. I give Robert and Melvin my highest regards and am eternally grateful and lucky to have found these two Super Lawyers!"

"Rob and Melvin were invaluable in helping me through a difficult time. Rob walked me through the process and made it easy. He answered all my questions, no matter how trivial. During the mediation breaks Rob and Melvin were fun and easygoing to talk to. Mediations aren't supposed to be fun, but they made my day brighter. I definitely recommend them!"

"I was Hit on my bicycle by a speeding car, in San Francisco, the driver sped off. I hired an attorney in San Francisco that was a PI expert and recommended by a friend on facebook......he talked a good talk but after a week I felt like the victim! In comes Melvin Caesar Belli, who came recommend to me by another good friend. We met by chance and I hired him. He raised the total settlement by 5 times! Easy to work with and sensitive to issues like hit and run, involving a bicycle. I highly recommend this attorney. He is very good and you will not regret his service!"